Dewintec Contribution to Society Welfare

Working for yourself makes youfeel good but working for others who cannot repay you makes you feel satisfied. Caring, Sharing and Respect are three main pillars of a healthy society and DEWINTEC is taking steps to play its role for society welfare.

Taking an initiative at company level, Dewintec has decided to earn 10% for the people who are elderly or have medical conditions and unable to work for their living.

Procedure Adopted

DEWINTEC takes the responsibility of delivering directly to needy people following guidelines:

  • - Anyone can refer people who truly deserve support
  • - Dewintec itself will verify the details of the refered person
  • - The fund is handed over to the person in the presence of two respected known personals of the area (excluding politicians)
  • - Dewintec will also try to ensure that the fund is utilized for the same purpose put up front by the receiver.
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To find more about it please call us on +92 51 5519202 or request details at

Irrespective of the living standards, Everyone in the society has a right to live with dignity. To ensure it, we will not be able to share his/ her details; however, we keep the witness document in our record and furnished it on request to our partners.

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Phone +92 51 5519 202
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